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Importance of sleep for Beautiful you

Many of us have said it or heard it at one time or another, that how sleep in important for looking beautiful

The largest organ of your body doesn’t just cover up inside things; it is the reflection of your mind and body’s health & harmony.

Your daily routine can hamper your skin’s health. Sleep is the most important aspect in all of them.

Why good night’s sleep is extremely important for skin health?

It’s a time to repair and regenerate, for both the body and skin

The body produces large amount of growth hormones during sleep. This hormone helps to increase collagen production and is also important to repair some of the DNA damage that may have been caused during the day — the DNA of skin cells gets impaired by UV rays and pollution, which cause oxidative stress and premature aging. These processes get hampered when sleep is disturbed or not adequate.

A lack of sleep shoots up cortisol levels, which imbalance collagen synthesis and repair process

Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases when it feels stress, both physical and emotional. It serves a purpose and is completely healthy in moderation, but causes problems when levels are increased since long time (Like unbalancing other hormones and accumulating belly fat!).

Cortisol damages collagen, and impairs its repair and synthesis. It also prevents hyaluronic acid synthesis, which keeps skin hydrated and gives plumping effect and smoothes the upper layer of the skin, causing a red and blotchy complexion since the blood vessels under the skin are more sensitive

A lack of sleep promotes systemic inflammation, which worsen the skin

The monocytes that make inflammatory chemicals are more active when we are sleeping like cortisol, inflammation is natural and important for regular body processes but causes some significant health problems when in excess. Inflammation impacts badly on the skin, causing eczema and acne as well as accelerating skin aging.

Adequate sleep .An important aspect for liver to detoxify.

When we sleep liver works actively to detoxify the body toxins. If this process gets disturbed and cannot get completed, it shows its effect on the skin. When the liver cannot properly detox toxins and hormones, the body uses other detoxification pathways, one of which is the skin. Toxins are expelled through the skin, this leads to damage cells and cause inflammation (which as we just discussed, aggravates all skin problems). And if excess and used hormones aren’t properly detoxed, the body can experience a hormonal excess which cause adult acne and prematurely age the skin.

Unsound sleep hampers Eye Beauty

It leads to swollen eye bags and dark circles. Under eye skin becomes saggy and wrinked.